Work Days!

Everyone knows it’s nice to play a course that is well maintained, and as a club we’ve got an advantage with a great relationship with the Township Parks department. They do the bulk of the mowing and provide us with all the mulch and stone we can use. We mow the trickier slopes with push mowers and weed whack the edges and around all the baskets and tee box areas. We also paint OB lines and do a bunch of smaller jobs like pruning branches and firming up the OB ropes.  Our regularly scheduled work days are after tag league on Saturday and during tags on Wednesday evening before each event. Pack members will likely be out Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before each event depending on weather. If you can lend a hand for a work day your discs become immune to bad tree kicks and OB lines*. Come on out and get yourself some course Karma! If you’re not a League member but enjoy the course and want to help us out please consider buying a Hole Sponsorship or Player/Sponsor Tag.

*Your results may vary

The next tournament is the Longest Day I-81 Series event on June 29th so we’ll have work days June 22nd and June 26th. Reach out to us on Facebook if you have questions.