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Coyote Bag Tag League

  • Cost $25 for the year. You get a custom stamped mini and a mini holder – the ‘tags’ are virtual. The leaderboard is on Disc Golf Scene. Click Here to buy your tag!
  • Two league matches weekly on Wednesday @ 5:30 p.m. and Saturday @ 10:00 a.m.
  • Carlisle Coyote league members are automatically part of the SCPA Disc Golf Alliance which hosts a weekly Monday Night Doubles match at a rotating location of parks/courses that are part of the Alliance. Get more info here!
  • Quit doin’ nothin’ and get in the game! Questions? Reach out to us on Facebook or Discgolf Scene.  We’ll see you at The Hills.

Tag League Q&A:

Q: What is a bag tag? A: It is typically a little token to hang on your bag with a number on it to indicate your rank in the league. The lower tag# holders are the leaders, catch them if you can.  Our league doesn’t have a physical tag to put on your bag. Ours are tracked online until the end of the year when you’ll receive your final standing tag# on our custom Mini holder.
Q: Do I need to show up for every match? A: No. Play as your schedule allows.
Q: Do I need to pay anything to check it out? A: No. You can play as a guest whenever you like.
Q: Do I need to be really good? A: No. We’re committed to helping everybody develop.
Q: Where does the $25 go? A: The Coyotes maintain the course in conjunction with Middlesex Twp. We pay for maintenance equipment and construction of tee pads, new baskets etc. We also have a big end of season Tag Finale match with tons of food, fun and prizes!