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Work in Progress

The power pole replacement project on the back 9 is more than half-way complete, the number 12 basket has been moved to the left about 40 feet. The number 16 basket has been moved to the right and into the woods. Hole 13 is only playable in the short position so we’ll be playing that twice in the Howler this coming weekend.

Construction on 17

We’re currently working hard to make major improvements to hole 17. First the good news, the O.B. has been removed from the creek at the base of the hill. Players may now take casual relief. Second more good news. There is now a cart friendly set of steps cut into the hillside. No more struggling in the mud and snow. Finally, even more good news. We’re installing three retaining walls which should help with footing as you make your way up the fairway. The Coyote Pack has done an amazing job getting this project off the ground and ready to play before tournament season.

Winter Fun League

After the Tag League finale things get a little quiet out on the Hills – but only for a minute because as you might have heard, there are no seasons in disc golf! That’s right we just keep going, the Winter Fun League meets at 10 a.m. every Saturday until March. $1 buy in goes to the points winner at the end of the series, mulligans are $1 for charity so if you want to buy your way to victory (like that stinkin’ cheater Todd) you can do that!

Watch a video here! 

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