More Construction

PP&L is replacing all the power poles that run through the back 9, to do this they needed to construct roads through the park on top of the existing walking paths. We have had to make modifications on three holes to keep them safe and playable for our upcoming events. We’re not sure how long the PP&L project will take or what our course will look like at the end so please be patient as we work through this.

On Hole 12 PP&L has removed the poles, bushes and tress in the fairway and built a parking/staging area behind the short basket. This necessitated a change to the hole to keep out of the staging area and still have a challenging hole. The basket has been pushed left about 50 feet of the original location, tucked into wooded area which has now been cleared of the smaller bushes and trees thanks to Matt K. and ToddBod with guidance from Stephen A. (he helped a little too, I guess). UPDATE *Pin placed 3/27*

On Hole 13 there is a wider crushed rock road with a dirt wall over top of the walking path and clearly dividing the rough area on left from the old walking path/fairway on the right. The poles have been removed and a parking area built opposite the short basket. This is a big change.  We’ll be working to clear the rough area on the left of brush, bushes, vines and smaller trees. This will become the fairway and the short basket will be moved to the left side of the fairway going into the woods about where the first set of power poles used to be. UPDATE *This will not be complete before the Howler 4/27*

Hole 16, the short basket had to be removed because of the new road. We’ve simply tucked it into the woods about 40 feet to the right of where it used to be. Travis “T-Mo” Morrett cleared a circle around the new basket placement with a hand from Stephen A. who mostly stood around around telling Travis what to do. UPDATE *Pin placed 3/27*

Below is a photo gallery , but everything is happening so fast by the time I post this things will already have changed. We’re hoping this project doesn’t take too long and that we emerge with an improved layout – we’ll see what happens and we’ll see you at the Hills!